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Thomas Morlock
Owner + Creative Director

Let's see… I'm a lifelong resident of Brookfield, CT. My wife Lisa and I have three kids and juggle 5 or 6 sports schedules in any given season, so yeah, we do a lot of laundry. My cinematic journey began at UCONN, where I majored in Graphic Design. I've always felt my design background is a great help organizing and constructing a wedding film.

Vantage Point Films

In 2005, Vantage Point Films sprung onto the wedding landscape — with a lot to offer and even more to learn! Since then, we've developed a style that weaves the emotions of your unique love into the storytelling process — creating something that will truly move you. Along the way, we've forged relationships with some of the most talented and dedicated wedding vendors in all the land.

Our amazing team of videographers are hired for not only their talents, but also for their personalities. We always make it a priority to be personable and flexible with clients, venues, and other vendors. It's a wedding after all… let's all have some fun!

PhilosophY & Process

how and why we do what we do...

If it's possible to narrow down our entire business philosophy into one sentence… that sentence would be, "We want to be invisible." It's been the cornerstone of our growth and the reason we continue to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Here's the thinking behind it:

We're invisible >> you forget we're there >> you relax and have more fun >> real smiles make for better footage than fake smiles! >> your friends notice that we aren't in your face all day >> they get engaged and call us >> the photographers like that we aren't in all their shots and competing for their space >> they like us too and send referrals our way >> Yay, everyone wins!

Pre-Wedding: We'd like to learn as much as possible about your big day ahead of time. It gives us some insights into what, and who, you think are important parts of your day. Of course we know the who the main players are, but it's always helpful to go over any special events or people that might be worth noting. Because it's a live event, we like to get it right the first time!

Wedding Day: All of our equipment is small and mobile, enabling us to be quick on our feet and not draw a lot of attention to ourselves. As we blend in with the crowd, we'll position ourselves to capture great footage while not interfering with your guests' view. Because a photographer's role includes shot lists and formal shots, we usually give them the reins and let them take charge in terms of timelines and locations.

Post Production: When we edit your wedding film, we try our best to make every film a custom work — taking into account your personalities and style when we make music and editing decisions. Of course we always welcome input in terms of music selection and any specific events you'd like including (or sometimes excluded!)


Oh, the great dilemma! To put our pricing online or not… many a wedding vendor has pondered this very question. Not many make their pricing public, but here’s our rationale for going against the grain:

You’re busy. We’re busy. Why would we have a phone consult, invite you into our studio, wine you, dine you, inform you, impress you — only to find out you were hoping to invest $500 in video? We’d rather you have all the information and judge our work to be worth the investment. Knowing a prospective client feels that cinematography is an important and valued part of their day inspires us to foster a great relationship, and to provide an exceptional finished product.

With that being said, the packages listed below are a starting point. We have a number of options not listed that can accommodate specific requests and budgetary concerns, and can modify packages to suit your individual needs. We also have discounts available for off-season and weekday weddings.



At the end of the day, we're people pleasers. Knowing we've given you a visual document you'll add to your family's history means the world to us. Thank you to all who take the time the write and express your appreciation.


Well of course you've got questions!
Hopefully this will answer some of them…

We've developed a documentary style approach to capturing your wedding. We've found it's the most natural, hands-off way of shooting the day as it unfolds. The longer main feature is a reflection of this style, as the day is beautifully and chronologically retold. The highlight film is a much more expressive piece — edited in a cinematic way that will evoke all the emotions of your wedding day for years to come.
We feel our 'hands-off' approach makes us a great fit for the wedding industry. Unfortunately, we've all heard stories of overzealous, inexperienced videographers who ruin the romantic ambiance with a bright light or a camera in your face. Being 'invisible' throughout the day is basically the cornerstone of our business philosophy — making us popular not just with brides and grooms, but also with photographers, guests, and everyone else who will be a part of the wedding celebration.
Equipment is chosen based on a balance of quality, mobility, and how inconspicuous it is. For filming, we primarily use DSLR's, which for those who don't know, are photo cameras that also shoot HD video. For audio we use a combination of wireless lavaliere microphones as well as portable audio recorders for comprehensive coverage.
We attribute much of our continued success to the fantastic relationships we've fostered with several photographers. In turn, they benefit from our approach to positioning and unobtrusiveness. A photographer has to consider shot lists and family formals, possibly in multiple locations — all within a scheduled amount of time. With that in mind, we usually try to think of the photographer as the priority in terms of position and who's in charge. It makes them feel at ease knowing we aren't competing with them for the couple's attention and they have time to get their shots unobstructed. It also draws the attention away from us, so we don't have to answer questions, make suggestions, and overall get into the middle of other people's business. So with that said, whenever possible we try to position ourselves behind the photographer(s), always being aware of where they are. It's win/win, because we don't want the couples knowing we're there anyway.
[Part 1] Music is chosen to best represent the couple and their unique day. Some couples are more traditional, while others have more progressive tastes. We hardly ever choose music ahead of time — instead we soak it all in… your personalities, your style, and the music your band or DJ played during the night. From there, we search for a piece of music that helps tell your story. If you would like to be involved in that process, we always appreciate input.

[Part 2] There was a time when music selection was pretty much 'anything goes'. If you liked Cold Play, then great! We could use whatever song you wanted. Nowadays, music companies tend to frown on that kind of thing. And by 'frown on', we mean their lawyers call our lawyers! So with that being said, music for the Highlight Film is usually chosen from several licensing companies we have relationships with.
We typically do not figure revisions/re-edits into the pricing of our wedding films. What we create for you is a finished piece — a visual interpretation of your day from our perspective. Like any artistic piece, there are literally hundreds of decisions and edits that go into the process of creating it. We understand that someone with a discerning eye and an appreciation for details might have ideas or special requests—which is why we always invite input from you before editing on how we can make your wedding film more uniquely yours.
We typically break the payment schedule into thirds — one third when the date is booked, one third a week before the event, and the final third once the wedding film is done before delivery. If you need special consideration, please let us know and we can consider adjusting the schedule depending on the circumstances.
This is a little hard to answer, mainly because we edit them as we shoot them — so it depends on how many weddings we end up booking in a given year. But a safe estimate is 6-8 weeks for a wedding shot between January and July, and 8-10 weeks for a wedding shot from August to December. We will keep you 'in the loop' as editing is progressing, so you have an idea of when you can expect to receive your wedding film.
We do not charge a fee based on mileage, but in certain situations that require an overnight stay for our camerapeople, we ask for reimbursement for hotel stays. We will always communicate that need well in advance so you have a clear idea of any additional charges.
Following an in-person or phone consult, we will hold your date for 7 days. After that you can obviously still reserve your date with us, but after 7 days it will be open for others to reserve. If you need special consideration, please let us know and we can be somewhat flexible depending on the circumstances.


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